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Not sure where to start with social media marketing?

Why do you need a B O O S T?

Spree Creative offers a discount to small businesses so that they can

ramp up their social media presence and marketing efforts. 

With marketing consulting and creative coaching, Spree Creative will 

help businesses grow and create a consistent message to use on 

various mediums. This boost is the catalyst local businesses need!


Creative Boost for Small Business Package Details

What is a small business? Locally owned, less than 5 employees

Set Up Fee: $150 due up front

Six-month agreement with option to renew.

First three months: $300 a month

After that: $600 a month

  • Includes:

  • Up to 10 posts a week on up to two platforms

    • (Equals to two posts a day for businesses opened                                           5 days a week; 40 a month on one platform, 80 on two)

  • Strategic content and purposeful posts

  • Monthly Content calendar

  • Email update every other week (2 email updates a month)

  • 5 hours of branding/marketing consultation and creative coaching                     a month

  • 2 hours of photography each month ($25 for each extra hour)

  • Graphic design and photography available for social media content

Value: $1,000+

Options for growth: (Available for an additional price)

  • Additional consulting hours

  • Slogan and marketing content creation

  • Additional social media platform management

  • Graphic design for other marketing material

  • Website management and design

  • Additional photography 

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